Video poker Deuces Wild Double Up from NetEnt

Video poker Deuces Wild

If you follow the updates of online gambling, you already know that the company Net Entertainment has launched a series of video poker Double Up. It includes popular models, designed in the same style. In addition, they are united by the presence of the doubling game and the possibility of betting on one or more hands. Directly this article from our experts is devoted to a very common video poker “Jacks or higher” from this line. We strongly recommend to test it, as this novelty is worth it.

Play Deuces Wild Double Up online

In Deuces Wild Double Up, the classic rules of this variety of game apply. You have to collect a payable combination, if necessary, once exchanging for free any number of cards up to five. One or more (when playing more than one hand) standard decks of fifty-two sheets each are used. They are mixed before the start of the deal. All twos play the role of jokers. They replace the missing cards in traditional poker combinations, as well as involved in the formation of additional options, which are paid at separate odds (about them below).

Playing video poker “”Wild” twos with doubling” can be one, five, ten or twenty-five hands. Bet on each of them can be up to five coins. The range of available coin denominations depends on the number of lines involved. So, if it is one, the chips can be from ten cents to ten euros, and if the hands, for example, ten, the coins are worth from two cents to one euro.

Video poker Deuces Wild Double

Payable in Deuces Wild Double Up are combinations from tris (three cards of the same value) to “pure” (formed without jokers) royal flush. Special multipliers are calculated payouts for five of the same card (a square plus a deuce) and a straight flush with a joker. A bet of five coins of any denomination gives the user the additional advantage of a disproportionately increased payout (4,000 coins) for a royal flush.

If you play one hand, you get five cards; change the ones you don’t want if you need to; get a payout if you have a combination; and decide whether you should go to the doubling round. When playing multiple hands, you first get five cards per starting line. Next, you specify which cards are worth keeping. They are duplicated on all hands. Then new ones are dealt to each of them from separate decks that no longer have the cards you left before the exchange.

From there everything goes according to the same scenario: the formed combinations are paid according to the set odds, after which you either take the money or open the game on the odds. It is sustained in the familiar style. You will have to choose a red or black at random. Then the virtual dealer will open a card. If it is that color, your winnings will be doubled.

In one round you can act up to five times in a row, but you can not make a mistake. If you play video poker “”Wild” Doubles with Doubling” using the basic strategy, you can achieve a theoretical return of 97.97% on a five coin bet or 96.77% on one to four coins. Take note of this.

How do I play Deuces Wild Double Up? (Interface)

As the producer has translated the game into Russian, including all the inscriptions, help sections and dialog boxes, we will not explain the meaning of the inscriptions in the interface. The gameplay control panel is intuitive and very convenient. Select the number of active hands, bet size and the denomination of coins is carried out in the special boxes. The round button in the center of the panel is multifunctional.

Initially, it starts a new round. It is also used to exchange cards and transfer winnings to the account. The game has a mode of hints on the correct strategy. But you can choose the cards you want yourself by clicking on them with your mouse. The payout table shows the amount of winnings in coins by combinations. To the left of the main window there is a table with the combinations formed by the results of the deal.

It specifies their types and number of combinations. In the parameters it is possible to adjust the sound, the speed of the game, the quality of graphics and other aspects. There you can also turn off the offer to take part in a round of doubling. There is also an additional help section, which offers detailed information about the model. There is no need to download Deuces Wild Double Up video poker. It can be opened in the flash version directly on the casino website.