Online Roulette: Top-3 Casinos In 2021, Popular Game Varieties

Online Roulette In 2021: Where To Play Popular Roulette Types For Fun Or Real Money

The hottest online roulette casinos have exciting promotional offers for every new gambler, free play and real money options, high payouts, and the best titles from established software providers. Read below to learn where to find these opportunities, and get acquainted with the player-favored roulette varieties.

Top 2021 Casinos To Play Roulette Online

The top lists of online roulette casinos are formed based on many factors, including the selection of games and their fairness, bonus offers, and overall customer satisfaction. As of this writing, these are the top picks:

  1. 888 Casino. You get to choose from 18 roulette games, from classic to eclectic. Thanks to the no-deposit bonus spins for online pokies, real money can remain in your wallet until you love the casino enough to try its online roulette options.
  2. Jackpot City is known for its mind-blowing jackpots. The casino boasts of 12 roulette game varieties, live dealer options, excellent mobile optimization, and first deposit bonuses of up to $400. The only thing that prevents it from becoming the best site to play online roulette in 2020 is its unavailability to UK players.
  3. Betway Casino is where experienced roulette players go to enjoy 32 game varieties, with professional and competent live dealers. A new gambler’s welcome bonus upon the first three deposits can reach $1,000.

These sites are the best destinations to enjoy roulette online for real money in 2021.

Online Roulette Varieties – Roulette Game Types

While brick-and-mortar casinos typically offer only traditional wheels for you to bet on, online roulette comes in many varieties, which are only limited by the imagination of roulette online free or real money software developers. Even if you don’t fancy the standard roulette during a visit to a land-based establishment, you may very well find an exciting iteration of the game online.

Varieties Or Roulette By The Country Of Origin

Although the game originates from France, online roulette acquired new peculiar features as it gained popularity across the world.

  • European roulette – 36 numbered sectors and a zero slot, which results in a low house edge of 2.7%.
  • American roulette introduces an additional sector with two zeros, which raises the house edge to the level of 5.26% and creates a potential for higher payouts.
  • French roulette differs due to two insurance bets called En Prison and La Partage. Retrieve 50% of your money if the ball stops in the 0 sector.

American roulette is the version you see at most Vegas venues. However, online roulette in non-physical casinos allows you to try free online roulette of every variant.

Online Roulette Varieties With Gameplay Modifications

To spice things up, some roulette versions introduce additional equipment that changes the gameplay.

  • Multi-ball roulette. As many as three balls can play on a single wheel. Depending on their number, your wins will be divided by 2 or 3, but you can place a lot of bets.
  • Multi-wheel roulette. Wager on up to 8 wheels simultaneously. The player bets on one table but the spin outcomes of all wheels count.
  • Spingo is an unconventional roulette game with elements of Lotto and Bingo. It utilized a wheel with sectors of three colors, and balls numbered 1-10. The player is to predict the outcomes of the wheel spin and the ball draw.

All these online roulette variations are available at almost every major roulettes casino.

Different versions of roulette

However, personal preferences take a back seat when it comes to the rules and payouts applied to roulette tables. They can be evaluated objectively, and some roulette games will be better for players than others.

There are three main types of roulette:

  • American Roulette, known as “double zero roulette” with 38 cells on the wheel. In addition to the numbers from 1 to 36, the wheel also has two sectors of zeros, 0 and 00. Double zero means that this game has the worst RTP (payout percentage) – only 94.7%.
  • In European roulette (roulette with one zero) does not sector 00. It has only a “regular” zero, which increases the RTP to 97.3%. A lot better, isn’t it?
  • French Roulette is European Roulette with additional rules that add to the player’s advantage. These rules increase the RTP even more.

Thus, it is better to give preference to tables with French roulette. If such tables are not available, then choose European roulette, but in any case, always stay away from American roulette. It has the worst RPT, and we do not recommend playing it.