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One of the most enjoyable by casino players game is believed to be Roulette. By turning the wheel only once, this game allows players to win a sufficient sum of money. However, winning at Roulette depends only on pure luck. Since the XVIII century, gamblers have been doing their best to designate the right strategy on how to win a game, but all in vain. There’s no 100% efficient guide for roulette table that reveals how to win Roulette but no one can predict the outcomes of the wheel spin and the Roulette odds, even by applying statistical analysis or probability calculation.

Keep in mind that a house advantage is always preserved in online Roulette and no matter what bets you make at roulette table or what playing method applies, you are not expected to win all the time. Nevertheless, you can enhance your chances to make a winning bet by using any Roulette strategy from the list below.

Best Roulette-Winning Strategies

As a rule, effective strategies are created based on complex mathematical formulas and algorithms, since winning at online Roulette depends much on the element of chance. So if you want to play on roulette table and win, Let’s familiarize ourselves with the most common Roulette strategies.

  • Martingale. This is one of the oldest strategies which is considered to be rather aggressive. It suggests a player double his bet each time he loses. Thus, the player will recover his original wager as soon as he wins.
  • Labouchere. Though it’s a rather complicated Roulette strategy, you can successfully put it into practice at any of the Roulette tables. It also presupposes increasing stakes after losing bets. But unlike the Martingale Roulette strategy, it expects the player to recover previous losses with numerous wins.
  • Reverse Labouchere. It is a positive progression strategy. If you apply this Roulette strategy, you may lose small amounts of cash quite often, however, at the same time, you can recover them with an occasional big win.
  • Andrucci. This betting strategy is grounded in the Chaos Theory, but with one remarkable difference. Andrucci depends on the players’ ability to notice that some numbers come up more often than others within a short time span, up to 8 times in 35 spins, and bet accordingly.
  • D’Alembert is another roulette strategy driven by the theory of progression, but this one is not as aggressive or risky as the Martingale. It implies that the gamblers maintain bets in the same size as long as they win. Whereas they lose, an additional coin will be betted until the players win again.
  • Contra D’Alembert. This reverse D’Alembert system also supports positive progression, but it is less aggressive. This Roulette strategy demands the players to bet a little more each time they win, and a little less each time they lose.
  • Fibonacci. This is one of the most favorable Roulette strategies among experienced players according to its simplicity. It suggests that the sum of each two numbers equals the third number.

Choose The Best Table for Roulette Win

If you are set to win an online Roulette game, you should carefully pick the right table for Roulette. Here are some recommendations which, hopefully, will come in handy to you:

  • Learn more about the table and your potential co-players. In case the gamblers seem to be aggressive to you and bet too much, you’d better restrain yourself from the play on the Roulette table of such kind.
  • Take your time. Before playing for real money, you should monitor the actions at the table for Roulette to ensure everything is transparent and no machinations are noticed.

Do this before making your first bet and, hopefully, you will manage to choose the right table for Roulette.